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  • WanBo Show #20
  • China Jinmao · Yihe Jinmao Mansion Project Press Conference
    Time: July 7-july 14, 2020
    Location: Yihe Anman and jinmaofu club, Beijing
  • Type: PR integrated marketing
    Grafting is most in line with the temperament of the project resources, carry out in-depth cooperation, and realize the deep resonance with the spirit and soul of the customer group The first scene video in the industry, star owners speak for Yihe life |Mr. Gao Xiaosong, curator of the Xiaoshu library and cultural consultant of the Yihe Jinmao Mansion, talks about his Yihe past |"One family, one study" plan of yiheguan in yihejinmao mansion released |Ms. Chunni, the star owner and well-known host of China Jinmao, chatted with Mr. Zhao Wei, the leader of China Jinmao, and Ms. Ye Zifeng, the chairman of Wanbo media group about Yihe life